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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey Now Were Back Again

I guess it is official, blog fever has worn off and we are back to doing the basic work. Today we did bellwork which has been absent in our 3rd hour for quite some time now. The one thing that has yet to change is our moral. It still seems like the class is happier and more enjoyable(?). We also have an esay coming up and we have to read up to page 80 in our books, so i guess we can all agree that everything is back to normal.

Signing Off

Monday, January 09, 2006

Rookie Of The Blog

Today we actually went to the computer lab andcreated Blogs. Since i had already created one i was just a little bored. of course me and my friends were talking and i was trying to help them create screen names and titles but they are all so goofy it didnt matter. I did help a few people and the Mrs. Tucker didnt make me look to shabby either. it felt kind of nice becausech i did not think she liked me much. the computer lab was fun though and the classes is becoming more and more interesting, (its because of the blogs)(LOL). i wonder if we will start to miss real work soon, which reminds me i ment to turn in those questions form Friday.

Signing Off

Friday, January 06, 2006

Second Day On The Block

Today is the second day of our "Blogging" experience. However today we sort of eased up on Blogs and continued an "educational" journey through our book Night. Instead of our usual bellwork we had 15 questions posted on the board and we were directed to write the question and the answer in our notebooks. We are supposed to go to the computer lab one day next week so hopefully more of the kids create a blog. It seems like I am the only one who created my blog the same night we first learned about it but, more points for me.

Signing Off

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Virgin To The Game

Oh my God! I can not believe we spent the whole entire day socializing. This was actually the most fun I have ever had in my 3rd hour class and believe it or not we talked mostly about So, now our teacher, who just had a baby, is allownig us to post our point of view or opinion about the time we spent in class that day. However we are not just doing it for the fun of it, we recieve two extra credit points for every day we post a blog. Then we proceed to print it and turn it in to our teacher. As you can see (read) I am slightly over excited and anxious to get started and get some extra credit points. Wouldn't you be?

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